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Tadano HK 4.070-1: Fricke-Schmidbauer Finds Versatility in Crane Solutions for Diverse Lifting Projects in Hamburg

hk 4.070 1 fricke schmidbauer

In the expansive realm of crane services, Fricke-Schmidbauer’s Hamburg team has found its ideal match in the Tadano HK 4.070-1. As a company that handles diverse lifting tasks up to 700 tonnes in the Greater Hamburg area, Schleswig-Holstein, and Lower Saxony, versatility is key. Heiko Burmester, the branch manager in Hamburg, expressed his satisfaction with the HK 4.070-1, stating it embodies the versatility and adaptability crucial for their operations. Acquiring the crane from Tadano sales manager Hans Asam, Burmester emphasized the importance of machines that can cover a broad spectrum of tasks, making the HK 4.070-1 an invaluable addition to their fleet.

Burmester’s introduction to Tadano’s HK truck-mounted cranes occurred two years ago during a demonstration of the HK 4.050-1. Recognizing their suitability for his requirements, it was only a matter of time before an HK model joined their ranks. The HK 4.070-1, with its exceptional flexibility, particularly stood out for city projects in and around Hamburg. Its nationwide road permit simplifies usage across various scenarios without incurring significant additional efforts or costs. Burmester highlighted the crane’s adaptability, including options to use it with or without counterweights, with or without a trailer, and configure it in diverse ways to meet specific project demands. The crane’s axle configuration ensures both exceptional maneuverability and stability, making it ideal for inner-city assignments.

To optimize the HK 4.070-1’s capabilities, Fricke-Schmidbauer equipped it with trailer readiness, a remote control, a 15-meter boom extension, and the full counterweight of 15.2 tonnes. Additionally, they chose the lightweight Volvo chassis, setting the stage for a significant project: the dismantling of an entire container facility in Buxtehude, a northern German town. The crane seamlessly handled this substantial undertaking, showcasing its prowess in tasks ranging from smaller 40-60 tonne assignments to more extensive projects.

Press release by Tadano on 24th Nov 2023.

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