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Terex’s Superlift 3800 gets a Boom Booster System

Terex has launched its Boom Booster system for its Superlift 3800 lattice boom crawler crane, which is designed to increase lifting capacity by up to 30%.

The Boom Booster was first launched for Terex’s CC8800-1 crawler, boosts the lifting capacity of the crane by increasing the stiffness of the main boom.

When equipped with the Boom Booster, the Superlift 3800 can lift loads of up to 80 ton, and has a maximum hook height of 174 metres.

The improved load charts will enable the crane to handle lifts that requires 750 ton capacity class crawler and a added advantage for erecting large wind turbines which typically requires lifting heights of more than 140 metres.

What Does Boom Booster System Consists Of ?

The kit comprises of a welded steel structure of up to seven sections with a length of 12 metres, totalling up lengths between 24 to 84 metres. Its comes with Terex fall protection system as a standard and is designed to be mounted directly onto the crane.

With an overall width of 3.5m, the structure is easy to transport and two additional boom sections can slide into the kit during transportation as well, reducing the need for one additional truck.

Moreover, Terex also developed a higher capacity double hook block for Superlift 3800 cranes with Boom Booster kits. Together with the crane’s standard hoists, the hook block increases lifting capacity, maximum lifting height, and doubles lifting speed – all in one crane.

New source from Cranes Today Magazine.

Terex’s Boom Booster System VS Liebherr’s P-Boom System

One point to ponder about – comparing Terex’s Boom Booster System and Liebherr’s P-Boom System, which do you think offers a better lifting capacity?

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