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Violent storm brings down crawler in South Louisiana

20210619 crane accident louisiana usa

We had a tipped off that a fully rigged crawler crane has collapsed due to a reported violent storm at an LNG Plant on Tuesday (15th June) in south Louisiana, USA.

The crawler was one of the several cranes that is working on Venture Global’s Calcasieu Pass LNG facility in Cameron Parish. The crawler was rigged with a long boom and a luffing jib that is standing high with a fully elevated boom and high jib angle.

At the time, the site has reported a sudden arrival of a severe storm with high wind gusts which blow towards the crawler, resulting the jib to tilt backwards and the main boom gave way. One person was injured in the incident and treated for “non-life threatening injuries”.

Cranepedia Comment

In usual cases, oil & gas plants have protocol for severe weather conditions. Through weather forecast, they should be able to know when the “sudden storm” is coming and the certain protocols should be followed to avoid such occurence.

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