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Wagenborg supports ship-dismantling project

Wagenborg was asked by a ship-dismantling company in Kampen, the Netherlands, to assist with their 300t floating crane Triton and Wagenborg Barge 1 to lift the 2,500t remains of the 3,680t   German Navy frigate “Köln” from the water on to the quayside.

Wagenborg is active in heavy lifting and the salvage of objects. With their floating crane ‘Triton’ – with a lifting capacity of 300 tons – Wagenborg can make a difference during heavy lift projects or salvage operations. In combination with their tugs and barges, Wagenborg offers complete solutions. This was proven once again in this special project.

In close cooperation with the other parties involved, the engineers of Wagenborg made lifting plans and performed the structural engineering for the execution of the lift. Together with a 450t sheerleg and two 600t mobile crawler cranes, the lifting job had to be executed perfectly within the given time.

For this project, Wagenborg deployed Wagenborg Barge 1 with a lifting capacity of 2.400 tonnes. The pontoon was outfitted with three steel load spreading beams, ballast-pumps and auxiliary materials. This was needed to carry the aft section of the frigate, which was the first part of the vessel to be lifted out of the water.

Secondly, both floating cranes were positioned at the bow of the frigate which was lifted just clear of the water. After turning the frigate, both crawler cranes were attached to the frigate’s bow. With the lifting capacity of the two floating cranes, the pontoon and both crawler cranes the bow of the frigate were lifted on to the quayside. The bow was cut off, after which the final step was to lift the remaining part of the frigate on the quay.

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