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Wim Sarens on COVID-19

Wim Sarens Covid 19

Sarens said the great majority of its projects worldwide were still open and that it hoped to see restrictions on other sites being lifted, as has happened on its Chinese projects.

In a message to customers, the company’s CEO Wim Sarens said he took hope from the company’s experience in China, where its Sarens Sinotrans JV “is currently pursuing a number of projects in the region with success and no obstacles.”

Sarens said the company was still operating globally to provide rental and project services and that its first priority was the health and safety of its employees and clients.

“We understand that this is a time to respect local and WHO regulations strictly and remain compliant with any restrictions governments wherever we operate impose”, said Sarens.

“For that, we have in place extraordinary SHEQ mechanisms that protect our operators on the field with appropriate PPE and our office employees, including engineers, back-office staff, contract lawyers, and SHEQ experts, a large number of whom are currently teleworking.”

He added, “With daily conference calls with our people on the ground around the world, we have an excellent view of the current conditions everywhere Sarens has a business unit or is working on a site.

“We understand that this dynamic situation can have us halt activity on one site for a couple of weeks but start activity on another. Despite that, the great majority of our projects worldwide are still going and sites are open.

“We take hope that even the sites that are restricted will go back to being fully operational as we see China getting back on its feet in the past couple of weeks. We know that to be true from our Sarens Sinotrans JV that is currently pursuing a number of projects in the region with success and no obstacles.”

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