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Woman sped and crashed into the crane’s outrigger in Phnom Penh

phnom penh woman crash into hyundai crane 1

A young driver is fighting for her life in hospital today after smashing into a crane in Phnom Penh early in the morning of 7th May.

The accident happened at 2:00 AM on May 7, 2022 along Mao Tse Toung Street in Sangkat Tuol Svay Prey II, Khan Boeung Keng Kang, Phnom Penh.

Witnesses say that they saw a young woman driving a white Toyota Prius along with Mao Tse Tung in a south-to-north direction at high speed.

The driver then smashed into a stationary white Hyundai crane truck, which was parked at a construction site.

phnom penh woman crash into hyundai crane 2

The crash caused severe injuries to the young female driver – as well as extensive damage to her car.

Bystanders called emergency services and the woman was rushed to the hospital, where she is reported to be in a serious condition.

After the incident, local traffic police arrived and inspected and towed the two vehicles to be stored at the Phnom Penh Municipal Traffic Police Office

Cranepedia Comments

Definitely that the young woman was at fault for speed driving, but at the same time, the crane which was parked along the road does not have any safety indications that drivers can take note of as well.

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