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The XCMG QAY800 adopts an 8-axle chassis and comes with a maximum boom length of 84 metres, which is similar to Liebherr LTM1500-8.1. However, the difference between is that Liebherr comes with H-type outriggers while the 800 ton all terrain is equipped with X-type outriggers with a width of 13 metres.

It has a total of 7-sections main boom which can be separated into two attachments. The 5th to the 7th section can be removed and installed with a 2.5m independent boom head to make it boom length to 52.0 metres.

The crane is also equipped with a self-assembly device, controlled by a separate power producer.


Technical Data

Max. Lifting Capacity800t
Boom Length84m
Max. Lifting Height85.8m (Main Boom), 105.3 (Fixed Jib)
Max. Outriggers13.0m
Overall Length19,420 mm
Overall Width3,000 mm
Overall Height4,000 mm
Operating Weight93,900 kg
CarrierBenz OM460LA.E3A (260 kW)
CraneBenz OM502LA.E3A/1


thumbnail of XCMG QAY800 spec mt ch
XCMG QAY800, Spec in Metric, CH
thumbnail of XCMG QAY800 spec mt ch
Spec in Metric, CH

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