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Yoshinogawa City and Prefectural Crane Cooperative Conclude Agreement

yoshinogawa tokushima crane

Yoshinogawa City, Tokushima Prefecture and the Tokushima Prefecture Crane Cooperative have signed an agreement to supply large heavy machinery for the restoration of bridges and roads in the event of a disaster.

At the signing ceremony held at Yoshinogawa City Hall on the 25th, Mayor Takashi Harai and Mayor Shingo Igai of the Prefectural Crane Cooperative attended and signed the agreement. Under the agreement, if a disaster occurs in Yoshinogawa City and roads and bridges cannot pass due to falling rocks, fallen trees collapse, etc., the prefectural crane cooperative will provide large heavy machinery such as cranes and personnel to Yoshinogawa City. Is included.

After the signing, President Igai said, “I would like to put in place a perfect system so that I can contribute to the local people.” The Prefectural Crane Cooperative says it wants to conclude similar agreements with other municipalities in the prefecture.

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