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ZCC5200S crawler works in world-class underground LNG project

Zoomlion ZCC5200S crawler crane in Shenzhen job site

On 25th December 2019, Guangdong Hualiang Foundation uses ZCC5200S for the underground diaphragm wall construction. The project has been contracted from the owner CNPC. The project was to build a world-class LNG peak-shaving station with underground storage tanks.

The project has four 200,000 cubic meters sunken LNG storage tanks which will be constructed in two phases. Each phase will have two storage tanks constructed. The foundation pit has a diameter of 100 metres and an excavation depth of 50 meters. It is currently the world’s largest circular foundation pit under construction and the first domestic sinking LNG storage tank in China.

Image of the new underground LNG storage in Shenzhen

The floor-to-wall steel cage is fabricated entirely as a whole and has an approximate weight of up to 105 tons. It is hoisted as a whole during the construction and its means that a large crawler crane is required to perform the job. In the absence of a large crane that meets the requirements in the market, Zoomlion responded promptly and introduced a new ZCC5200S 400-tonne crawler crane with superlift to the construction site in a short time to ensure the smooth implementation of the project.

Zoomlion ZCC5200S crawler crane
The foundation work commerced at the job site using Zoomlion ZCC5200S.

The construction of this project will not only increase the supply of clean energy for Guangdong and Hong Kong areas, and ensure the safety of natural gas in Shenzhen. It is an important part of the national energy strategy and a major livelihood project in the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Greater Bay Area. At the same time, the project will also set a precedent for China ’s underground natural gas storage.

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