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Zoomlion QAY2000

Zoomlion has manufactured and developed a 2,000 ton all terrain crane – QAY2000, creating a new milestone for China crane manufacturers.

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Zoomlion QAY2000 was first displayed in Bauma China in 2012, after spending its summer undergoing heavy-load operating testing on its nine-plus-three chassis at Zoomlion’s facility in Quantang, followed by a two-month road and type test at the China National Construction Machinery Quality Supervision testing centre in Xibozi, Beijing.

On 24th October 2013, the all terrain crane completed a 6,000 ton/metre overload test before a second attempt of 7,500 ton/metre overload test on 4th November in the same year. Zoomlion has announced saying that the crane has successfully lifted a 750 ton load at a radius of 10 metres.

This crane has been specially designed and build to meet the demand of the fast growing wind power construction for installation operation which Zoomlion has focus it as the most important R&D factory for its large capacity wheel crane.

QAY2000 has also been regards as the “son of wind”, which it was developed after in-depth research on geographic distribution of wind farms, installation and construction methods, including the industry trend.

In addition, it boast a handful of innovative technologies which are successfully applied for the first time worldwide such as the honeycomb frame structure, over 80 proprietary technology patents filed, including more than 60% are patents of invention.



On 12 January 2016, a delivery ceremony was held between Zoomlion and Ningxia Julishen Industry Co., Ltd in Changsha, Hunan, China to mark the delivery of QAY2000, dubbed as “No. 1 crane in the world”.

Ningxia Julishen Industry Co., Ltd (宁夏巨力神实业有限公司) has undertaken numerous large-scale wind power projects and equipment installation projects with rich construction and management experience. The delivery of Zoomlion’s 2,000 ton all terrain crane marks a major breakthrough of Zoomlion crane in the field of wind power construction.



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