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ALE has announced they will build the 5,000-tonne capacity (354,000 ton-metre) AL.SK350 super heavy lifter in 2012. It will be built by adding extra structural sections to their existing 4,300 ton (190,000 ton-metre) AL.SK190. The main hoist is by strand jacks and also has a 2,000-tonne winch for lighter loads. The main boom will stand at a length of 141.2 metres and a fixed jib of 120 metres will also be available. The giant crane has been rigged for a 5,000 tonnes load test in September 2016 with its biggest configuration. The UK-based company has mentioned that it will be the world’s highest capacity land-based crane, claiming its load moment to be 77% higher than its nearest rival.

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Product Description

The biggest configuration on AL.SK350 was 130 metres long A-frame designed the main boom on a wide 18 metre based. The crane is equipped with a 4,000 tonnes main winch system and 600 tonnes auxiliary quick winch system.

For loads of up to 5,000 tonnes, a strand jack lifting system can be installed.

Furthermore, it can be equipped with a 3,400 tonnes capacity heavy duty jib. That includes its sister models AL.SK190 (4,300 tonnes) and AL.SK700 (8,000 tonnes) as well. (It will be used on the next FPSO module integration project in Nigeria in 1Q 2017).


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