Mammoet PTC140-DS

Dutch-based heavy lifting company, Mammoet has unveiled their plans to build a new 100,000 tonne/metre plus version of its Platform ringer Twin Boom Containerised (PTC) crane, PTC120DS in June 2009.

The massive crane will lift 3,000 tonnes to 48 metres, 2,000 tonnes to 53 metres and 1,000 tonnes to almost 100 metres radius.

The main boom up to 130 metres and a jib of up to 43 metres. The entire crane has a footprint of 45 metres diameter circle.

thumbnail of mammoet-ptc140ds-ring-crane

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Predecessor/Successor Models

Product Description

preliminary drawings of the new PTC120

The new crane will go head to head on big projects with Abnormal Load Engineering (ALE) AL.SK90 (AL.SK190) and AL.SK120. The PTC is designed fully to mobile crane standards with 360 hoists and 360-degree slew in a normal configuration. This means that it operates faster than ALE SK.AL models and Mammoet’s own MSG models which use strand jacks.

The hoist speeds on the PTC120DS are two metres per minute for the largest winch which has the capability to cope up to 3,200 tonnes and five metres per minute on a smaller “runner” hoist which can cope with loads of up to 250 tonnes.

Slewing is via normal crane type roller with 360 degrees and it takes 30 minutes to complete a full round – considering fast for the crane of this size. The crane can also be rigged to run on straight tracks as well.

The crane is designed to self-erect its own boom, allowing it to lower the boom in case of severe weather conditions (strong winds). The 60 metres back mast which requires a 300-tonne crawler crane to erect, can withstand 150 mph out of service speeds.

The PTC120-DS has substantially outperformed its own PTC and MSG heavy lift cranes, and below is data on the rough indication of how this PTC compared against ALE SK models, noting that the ALE SK models are equipped with almost 1,000 tonnes more counterweight.

The name was later changed from PTC 120 DS to PTC 140 DS.

Possible Configuration of PTC140-DS

drawings of PTC 140 DS
Above is the possible configuration for the PTC 140DS

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