ALE has unveiled plans to launch a new 8,000-tonne capacity crane, the AL.SK700 in 2016. This is by using two 5,000-tonne AL.SK350 and combining them together into a single unit. The maximum load moment rating of the AL.SK700 will be 708,000 tonne-metres, with its four booms, two 4,000 tonne winch system and two hook blocks linked into a single heavy lifting system ideally suited for lifting ultra-heavy modules found in the offshore and shipbuilding industry.

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Crane Load Chart Below

More Info About This Product

The double boom system will be operated from one control room by a single operator, and it will be possible to containerise the crane for shipment to various locations across different market sectors. The reason for such innovative ideas was that ALE has been receiving requests to lift up to 7,000 tonnes, particularly in the shipbuilding and offshore sector with the integration of heavier FPSOs and LNG modules onto newbuild hulls.

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