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ALE SK10000

The 10,000 tonne SK10,000 is the world’s largest capacity land-based crane. It enables new levels of project efficiencies in the schedule, safety and cost for the lifting of ultra-heavy modules, particularly in FPSO and FLNG construction.

Its exceptional capacity means modules can be installed directly onto ship’s hulls, utilising the same design as the other SK cranes for unparalleled lifting power in a compact plot area with flexible ring configuration.

News has been released that it will be available from 2020 onwards.

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*Crane Specifications, Load Charts, and Crane Manuals are for reference only. Contact the crane manufacturer for manuals to operate the crane properly.

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Product Description

Small Footprint

Despite being the world’s largest land-based crane, the SK10,000 central ballast design eliminates the need to install a full ring or even crane track. It only needs the section required for the project – reducing occupancy of the lifting area by up to 45 %!

Simplified Logistics & Assembly

Containerised design and fast-assembly features minimise mobilization and assembly time. ALE’s specialist can assemble the crane in a matter of weeks using standard plant and a crawler crane.

Increase Site Efficiency

The compact footprint is comparable to smaller cranes means SK10,000 can be assembled on site with minimal disruption to site operations.  Large lifting and outreach capabilities enables it to pick and lift items to many positions without the need for separate transport systems.


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