Liebherr LTR1220 (220t)

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Liebherr unveiled the LTR1220, 220 tonnes capacity class telescopic crawler crane to the public back in 2012 at Liebherr Plant in Ehingen and celebrated its exhibition premiere in April at the Germany Bauma 2013.

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The LTR1220 features the same 60 metres boom on the Liebherr LTM1220-5.2 all-terrain crane. The crane can be fitted with an optional 12.2 to 22.2-metre bi-fold swing away jib, which can be extended further with two seven metres lattice jib extensions.


LTR1220 Developed As Derrick Ballast For LR1600/2 Crawler Crane

The news was released in November 2014 that Liebherr has developed a new system which uses LTR1220 as a derrick ballast for the erection of tall wind power systems on its 600-tonne capacity LR1600/2 crawler crane.

The new development was showed at a customer event at Liebherr-Werk Ehingen factory with an SL10DFB configuration with 153 metres main boom and 12 metres fixed jib. Instead of using counterweight when erecting the boom systems, the new concept uses LTR1220 and only 70 tonnes of counterweight as suspended ballast required for erection and lowering of the boom system, which normally requires 350 tonnes of counterweight. In this manner, the users can reduce cost on transportation of the counterweights to site.

The new concept is said to be suitable for long boom system of up to 156-metre main boom and 12 metres fixed jib, applying both to the new SL10 and SL13 systems, as well as existing SL4 system.


Technical Specifications

Technical DataMetricImperial
Max. load capacity100 t202,000 lbs
at radius2.50 m9 ft
Max. load torque342 tm2,522,000 lbs-ft
Telescopic boom from11.50 m38 ft
Telescopic boom up to52.00 m171 ft
Lattice jib from10.8 m35 ft
Lattice jib up to19.0 m63 ft
Crane engine/makeLiebherrLiebherr
Crane engine4-Zylinder-Diesel4-Zylinder-Diesel
Crane engine/power129 kW175 hp
Driving speed2.80 km/h1.75 mph
Total ballast32.00 t70,540 lbs


Albert Regel gets the first LTR1220 in Germany

The first unit of Liebherr LTR1220 in Germany was delivered to a German local crane and heavy transport contractor, Albert Regel GmbH based in Baunatal near Kassel, Germany. The 220-tonne telescopic crawler crane displayed its capabilities during the construction of a building in Villingen-Schwenningen and proved an immediate hit with its functionality and flexibility for handling prefabricated concrete components. With its chassis excel with off-road capability and superb manoeuvrability, the telescopic crawler crane is ideal for the site. Additionally, the crane can move with lifting a full load. At the same time, the Liebherr telescopic crawler crane feature short setup time, well-designed transportation and high variability of the boom systems.

Transportation Partners & Logistics gets the first LTR1220 in the USA

Heavy lift and haulage company Transportation Partners & Logistics LLC (TP&L) has taken delivery of the first LTR1220 telescopic crawler crane in America during August 2013. The crane went straight to work, unloading wind turbine mast section. The company mentioned that the 220-tonne telescopic crawler is an ideal crane for the job due to its ability to drive on narrow wind farm roads with a track width of just 4.5 metres, which extend to 7.25 metres for lifting operations.

Guindastes Tatuape gets the first LTR1220 in Brazil

Brazilian heavy lift and haulage company Guindastes Tatuape has taken the delivery of the first LTR1220 in Brazil. They have decided to purchase the Liebherr LTR1220 after having a good working experience with the smaller capacity LTR1100.


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Brochure, EN
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