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How Does Liebherr’s VarioBase Works ?

liebherr variobase outrigger

The space available on sites is often constricted. It is frequently impossible to extend all the outriggers of the mobile crane evenly. VarioBase® from Liebherr allows the crane to be used safely and flexibly in these difficult conditions. The increased safety and ease of use take the strain off the crane driver who can concentrate fully on the hoist. The enhanced range and lifting capacity mean that the system’s capacity has also been improved.

Liebherr has developed a unique system with which every individual crane support (outriggers) can be extended to any length and the crane operation is then made safe by the load moment limiter within Liebherr’s LICCON control. This system is called VarioBase®.

As the available space on sites is often constricted, it is at most times impossible to have the outriggers of the mobile crane fully extended. Although crane manufacturers have provided an alternative solution of allowing the mobile cranes to be extended to specific lengths, flexibility is still the major issue at work. This is where Liebherr has developed a solution.

Computer-based safety for crane operation

Using VarioBase®, the maximum lifting capacities are calculated individually and precisely for every situation. This ensures safe working practice with any chosen support base.

Increase in efficiency due to higher lifting capacity

With the new maximum support base, VarioBase® also delivers higher lifting capacities and a larger working range.

Award-winning Technology

In 2014, VarioBase won the LLEAP-Award in the USA – the prize for Leadership in Lifting Equipment and Areal Platforms. ESTA – the European association of abnormal road transport and mobile cranes, presented the variable support base with an Award of Excellence in the safety category. The Baublatt Österreich trade journal named VarioBase its Innovation of the Year.

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