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CKL2600i (260t)

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Photo by Kobelco Crane India.

Kobelco Crane India commenced manufacturing of its most renowned product CKL2600i at its Sricity factory in Andhra Pradesh. The first locally manufactured crawler crane was unveiled in BC India 2013, Mumbai and was also sold during the exhibition.

Technical Specifications

Max. Lifting Capacity260t x 4.6m
Max. Boom Length91.4m
Max. Luffing Combination61.0m + 61.0m

The machine is also equipped with several safety features like Load Safety Device, Wet type disc brake and can be linked up with Kobelco’s latest technology KCROSS (Kobelco Cranes Remote Observation Satellite System), enabling customers to access the machine’s condition and location real-time through the internet. Accessing and analyzing of the crane’s operational status data aids in better safety and maintenance management of the crane. Additionally, an update on the crane can be received through a text message on a mobile phone without the usage of a laptop or use of internet connection.


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Specifications Sheet, Metric, IN1


thumbnail of CKL2600i Spec mt en IN2
Specifications Sheet, Metric, IN2

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