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Fassi F1100AXP

An intelligent crane, equipped with the most complete and technologically advanced control and safety systems, the F1100AXP is unanimously recognised for its outstanding reliability in performing a wide range of operations. Its operating speed is combined with the best weight/power ratio possible and that means cost benefits when you use it and an astounding payback on investment.

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The jib is an additional hydraulic boom to increase the crane’s reach, which can move loads horizontally at height. This system does not affect the crane’s configuration when the machine is not operating.

The XP System (Extra Power System), combined with the FX (Fassi Electronic Control System) loading control system, acts on the crane’s hydraulic power supply, reducing manoeuvring speed to proportionally increase power and lifting capacity.

The brand new XF (eXtra Fast) system delivers multifunctional crane operation combined with an unrivalled speed for all manoeuvres.

Design according to European Regulation EN 12999.



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Spec in Imperial, EN

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