Auto-Klug take Germany’s first Grove GMK4100L-1 with synthetic rope

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Auto-Klug GMK4100L-1 working in Germany

Germany-based crane provider, Auto-Klug, has taken delivery of the first Grove GMK4100L-1 all terrain crane equipped with a K-100 synthetic rope in Germany.

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The GMK4100L-1 was delivered to the company’s Bindlach branch in southeast of Germany, where it plans to use the crane for a wide range of lifting applications that supports its transport operations.

Auto-Klug GMK4100L-1 working in Germany
Auto-Klug GMK4100L-1 working in Germany
Source: Cranes Today

Werner Glück, managing partner at Auto-Klug mentioned that GMK4100L-1 is an very impressive 4 axle class all terrain crane that comes with 60 metres main boom. It enables them to manoeuvre the crane in tighter job sites and completed lifts that they once had to use larger cranes. Furthermore, they are convinced by the single-engine concept that aids in reducing fuel consumption. On these factors, it will increase their utilisation rates and return on investment.

The reason Auto-Klug is intrigued by the K-100 synthetic rope is the benefits of reducing weight and maintenance efforts. It also makes it easier for the operator to reeve the rope on the jib and hook blocks, compared to conventional steel wire ropes. It would also eliminate some of the issues they faced with kinking, bird caging and spooling damage. This will help in the cost savings as well.