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Boom truck crane overturned in New Jersey

uck Crane Overturned In New Jersey

A boom truck crane overturned onto a house while removing a tree from the back yard of the property in Hamilton Township, near Trenton, New Jersey on Friday.

The crane, which looks like a 50-ton Manitex unit owned by Lift Techs, was rented to HTS Tree Care to remove two trees from the rear of the property. It was lifting a section of the second tree on the fully extended five-section main boom when the rear ‘load side’ outrigger began to sink into the ground. This caused it to slip off its cribbing, resulting in it slowly overturning until the boom came to rest on the roof of the home. The damage was slight and thankfully no one was hurt in the incident, even though the building was occupied at the time.

The crane has now been recovered and OSHA was informed on Friday afternoon.

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