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Crane in the Canal

Mobile Crane Overturned 20200416

A three axle All Terrain crane overturned into a canal in northern Germany on Monday when the bank gave way.

The crane – likely a Liebherr LTC 1045/LTC 1050 – was travelling down a temporary track alongside one of the many canals through the Innerer Oberspreewald nature reserve between Lübbenau and Leipe, to the south of Berlin. The weight of the 36-tonne crane caused the track to collapse, resulting in the crane overturning into the canal.

The crane operator was able to escape from the cab and was reportedly unharmed. The emergency services were called in and installed several oil booms to contain a considerable volume of oil and fuel that spilled into the canal.

Given the limited access to the site, the recovery is likely to prove challenging and not likely to start until next week. We will update this item if and when we received more information, including the recovery.

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