Crawler Crane Flipped Over at Construction Site Defu Lane 10

Even before the recovery of the Tower Crane at collapsed at National Art Gallery last week which left two workers dead and four others injured, another accident had happened again today at Defu Lane.

The crawler tower crane collapsed at 1.30pm on 8th October, leaving the operator trapped inside the operator’s cabin. However, later news reported that there is no injury meaning that operator is being rescued out. 
The crane belongs to a local crane company, Pollisum and there is no news on how the crane has toppled. The entire crawler crane falls backwards, with it counterweight resting on the ground and the crawler crane’s tower jib attachments totally twisted.
Crawler Crane falling backwards, resting on the counterweight
Source: Straits Time

Crawler Crane’s tower attachment is totally twisted and damaged
Source: Straits Time

Closer view of the tower attachment, folded in
Source: Straits Time
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