GS Express moves storage tanks in Malaysia

Gs Express West Port 20200401

GS Express Logistics has transported three 88.8-ton (80.6-tonne) CO2 storage tanks from Westport, Port Klang to Kerteh, Malaysia.

In addition to the tanks, which measured 31.3 m x 3.4 m x 3.5 m, GS Express coordinated the delivery of 357 cu m of equipment and 17 high cube containers of accessories.

Three hydraulic multi-axle trailers and six platform trailers were positioned at Westport to receive all cargoes directly from the vessel.

The 40 ft high cube containers were delivered to GS Express’ warehouse in Telok Gong, Port Klang for unstuffing and onward delivery to the Kerteh.

Once at site, 200-ton (181.4-tonne) and 160-ton (145.2-tonne) capacity mobile cranes were used to offload and position the tanks.

GS Express Logistics is a member of the XLProjects (XLP) network in Malaysia.

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