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Harbour cranes recovered in Rostock!

Liebherr Harbour Crane Recover 20200313

The first of the two Liebherr cranes were recovered last Saturday, while the second was lifted ashore yesterday afternoon. Both lifts were carried out by the “Hebo Lift 9” floating crane.

Salvage company HEBO started the salvage work last week in close cooperation with BALTIC Taucherei- und Bergungsbetrieb Rostock GmbH and Krebs Korrosionschutz GmbH. The first task was to recover the two outriggers. The specialists at BALTIC divers released the lattice booms of the two mobile harbour cranes so that they could be recovered before the large floating crane arrived. The separated jibs were recovered by the “Baltic Lift” floating crane, which has a maximum lifting capacity of 200 tons.

Thanks to this preparatory work, the “Hebo Lift 9” floating crane was able to safely bring both cranes (consisting of undercarriage, rotating platform and tower) ashore in one lift. With a maximum lifting height of 67 meters, the floating crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 800 tons.

“We are pleased that the salvage work went well. Only through the professional cooperation of all companies and authorities involved was the rescue carried out safely and quickly. Our special thanks go to the salvage companies involved and Krebs Korrosionschutz GmbH, who have made such a smooth process possible thanks to their knowledge, experience and commitment, “says the management of Liebherr-MCCtec Rostock GmbH.

After the damaged cranes have been placed on the quayside and cleaned in a specially designed area, they will be taken to the Liebherr-MCCtec Rostock GmbH site for further tests. So finally berth 25 in Rostock’s Überseehafen will be fully usable again, soon.

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