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Hellbergs Entreprenad gets second-hand Tadano ATF 130G-5

220205 hellbergs atf 130g 5

For Jens Sundqvist, co-proprietor of Swedish crane service provider Hellbergs Entreprenad AB, the whole thing was a godsend: “We urgently needed an assist crane for a job at a wind farm, and we needed it right away. The used ATF 130G-5 came just in time,” he reports.

The all-terrain crane had found its way to Sweden all the way back in 2016, was in perfect condition and had relatively few operating hours on it after five years. “That’s why we didn’t really hesitate and instead acquired it right away with the offered level of equipment,” Jens Sundqvist says before adding that he is familiar with the crane’s high quality and accordingly has zero worries about the reliability of his new used unit.

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