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Hiap Heng makes first Grove acquisition with new GMK6300L-1

hiap heng makes first grove acquisition with new gmk6300l 1 1
  • The 300 t capacity crane is the Singapore company’s first Grove purchase.
  • Hiap Heng has already used the GMK6300L-1 for maintenance work during a week-long shutdown at a petrochemical plant.
  • The GMK6300L-1 is a well-established and popular crane among Singaporean contractors.

Hiap Heng Group has expanded its mobile crane fleet with the addition of a Grove GMK6300L-1 all-terrain crane. The company made the decision to purchase its first Grove crane after seeing the long-running popularity of its 300 t cranes among contractors and industrial companies in the country. A formal handover ceremony for the new delivery was held in early December 2022. 

“The 300 t all-terrain cranes from Grove are very well known in Singapore. First the GMK6300L, and now the GMK6300L-1 are often requested by name due to both their capability and reliability. So, it made sense for us to add this crane to the fleet. We were really impressed with the long boom and also purchased the optional 21 m fly jib to give us even greater reach. With this new addition, we can fully support a wider range of customer projects.” 

The GMK6300L-1 offers enhanced lifting capabilities compared with its GMK6300L predecessor, and these can be found across the load chart. On average they are increased by 7%. However, in certain configurations, the advantage is even greater. For example, when working with the main boom between 70 m and 80 m, capacities are increased by more than 16%. 

When working with its 80 m main boom and full counterweight the GMK6300L-1 has a maximum capacity of 14 t between 14 and 28 m radii. That compares with a maximum capacity of 12 t for the GMK6300L in the same configuration.

Powered by two Mercedes engines, one in the carrier and one in the superstructure, the 300 t crane has a range of jib options for greater versatility. The model features Manitowoc’s patented and unique suspension system, MEGATRAK®, and has one of the most popular roadable counterweight configurations in the market. 

hiap heng makes first grove acquisition with new gmk6300l 1 2
Team Manitowoc and Hiap Heng celebrating the latest acquisition.

Hiap Heng expects to use the crane for high-rise construction work as well as general infrastructure projects. It has already successfully completed its first job, handling maintenance tasks during a week-long shutdown at a petrochemical plant on Jurong Island. Hiap Heng Group offers heavy equipment rental (mainly all-terrain cranes) serving a wide variety of job site conditions and logistical challenges. The fast-expanding company was formed in 1989 and has fostered a reputation for credibility and reliability in heavy equipment and maintenance services.

The press release was sent by Manitowoc Cranes on 10 Jan 2023.

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