Grove GMK6300L

The new Grove GMK6300L all terrain crane debut in 2010 prior to its predecessors, GMK6300. The 300 tonnes crane combines some of the strongest lift capability in its class with an 80 metres main boom like Terex AC250-1 and eliminating the need to use a jib or superlift for a heavier lift. The 7-section boom is equipped with Twin-Lock system and also their patented Megaform design for optimized rigidity and capacity. In addition, the crane can be equipped with optional 36 metres jib.

Additional Information

Max. Rated Capacity

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Product Description

The GMK6300L is also the only crane among the competitors to offer a fully automatic transmission Allison with torque convertor. An integrated retarder also offers enhanced braking on hill and slopes, giving the operator better confidence in moving the vehicle.

In addition, the crane also comes with CraneSTAR, Manitowoc’s remote monitoring system. CraneSTAR allows customers to view recent operating statistics for the crane from any PC-based internet-connected device. This ground-breaking technology allows customers to plan maintenance, look at recent lifting activities and travel schedules.


Schuch took the first GMK6300L in Germany

Germany crane rental company, Schuch took delivery of the first unit of GMK6300L and uses the crane to erect the tower sections of a 2.5 MW Enercon E82 wind turbine in Mensinghausen, near Hannover.

Hiap Tong took the first GMK6300L in Singapore

Hiap Tong, one of Singapore’s leading crane rental companies, took delivery of the first unit of GMK6300L all terrain crane in Singapore on 2012. One of the few projects the crane handled was installing and replacing elevators in residential buildings owned by the Singapore government’s Housing Development Board.

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Singapore-based heavy lifting and haulage specialist, Tiong Woon Crane & Transport has taken delivery of five units of 300 tonnes Grove GMK6300L – one of the single largest orders Manitowoc received for the GMK6300L.

Kanson purchased the first GMK6300L in Hong Kong

Hong Kong-based crane and heavy transport company, Kanson Crane & Heavy Transport has purchased the first unit of GMK6300L in Hong Kong in 2013. The long boom is suitable for tower crane erection and there are also considerably work for high-rise structures as well as the replacement of old buildings in Hong Kong.