India-Based H N Construction buys first Terex Explorer 5800 for India’s market

Terex Cranes India's Saeesh Nevrekar (left) and Narendra Wahile (center) congratulating H N Construction's Vidyanand Singh
Terex Cranes India’s Saeesh Nevrekar (left) and Narendra Wahile (center) congratulating H N Construction’s Vidyanand Singh

H N Construcion Pvt of Bokaro Steel City, India has taken delivery of a Terex Explorer 5800 all terrain crane, the first of its kind in the country.

The company’s Terex Explorer 5800 crane is a five-axle, all-wheel steer carrier that is 13.2 metres long and 3 metres wide. It is configure with a 70 metre main boom and 21 metres fixed jib. The crane is designed for automatic rigging of the 70.2 ton counterweight to reduce setup time.

The 220 ton all terrain crane employs a single engine concept that uses the latest engine management system to enhance performance for both road travel and lifting. Fuel efficiency is maximized using stop/start technology for the upper cabin and engine remapping depending on what type of operation is being performed, lifting or traveling.

In addition, the crane is equipped with Terex IC-1 touch screen control system, along with radio remote control, is designed to make rigging and on-site operation safe and efficient.

Rajnish Gautam, managing director of H N Construction Pvt, said: We selected the Terex Explorer 5800 because of its versatility and compact size, as well as the reputation Terex has for quality and service after the sale.

“It is our first Terex crane, but we plan to add more in the future. This unit will be put to work right away on the campus of Bokaro steel plant, one of the oldest and largest steel plants in India.”


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