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Kenichi Sawada becomes the new CEO of Tadano Europe

kenichi sawada

On January 1, 2023, Kenichi Sawada will take over the management of Tadano Europe. He thus succeeds Jens Ennen, who decided to pursue other opportunities.

Kenichi Sawada, an internationally experienced manager and proven expert in the industry is taking over the management of Tadano Europe, having previously headed Tadano Faun GmbH in Germany.  As a member of Tadano’s senior management team, Mr Sawada was most recently Head of Global Operations. In this role, he has worked hand-in-hand with Jens Ennen over the past few years to restructure Tadano’s European operations. 

In a transitional phase, Jens Ennen will continue to serve Kenichi Sawada and Tadano Europe as an advisor to ensure a smooth transition. 

“We want to thank Jens Ennen for his cooperation and contributions, especially for the major role he played in shaping the future of Tadano Europe over the past years,”

Toshiaki Ujiie, President and CEO of the Tadano Group.

OneTadano corporate strategy continues

Tadano is more than ever committed to its ultimate goal of becoming the world’s leading supplier in the lifting equipment industry. Tadano’s European operations will play a decisive role in this. “We will continue to expand our product line, improve the Tadano customer experience, contribute to community development in line with our social responsibility, and further advance our business activities to protect the global environment,” emphasizes Kenichi Sawada. “I am very proud to be trusted with this responsibility and I look forward to working with the team in Europe, continuing the good work that has been started.” 

With the OneTadano concept, the Tadano Group is pooling the strength of its global teams, streamlining corporate management, and optimizing its global production system. The aim is to maximize synergies at all production and service sites for the benefit of customers.

This press release was sent by Tadano on 13 December 2022.

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