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Korean Ministry of Employment and Labor to implement site safety management improvement

south korea safety improvement

A fatal accident occurred again at a Korean company that had a fatal accident in the past. The South Korean government has announced plans to “supervise” companies that have suffered serious accidents. 

The Ministry of Employment and Labor (Ministry of Employment and Labor) announced on the 8th that it will conduct planning and supervision to confirm the actual situation of safety management improvement for companies with 50 or more employees that had a serious accident in the first half of this year.

According to the results of industrial safety insurance inspections and supervision of 530 business establishments belonging to companies where serious accidents occurred in the first half of this year, both the legal violation rate of serious accident companies and the number of legal violations per business establishment were common. It turned out that it was higher than the company on a monthly basis. The violation rate of all companies was 46.5%, and the number of violations per place of business was 2.7, while the number of companies with serious incidents was 9.19%, reaching 5.4.

In addition, 44.2% (61 cases) of the 138 fatal accidents that occurred until July this year were caused by companies that had suffered fatal accidents in the last five years. In particular, some of the fatal accidents at companies with more than 50 employees that occurred this year, such as the crash of an overhead crane, occurred at the company neglecting the harmful and dangerous factors that directly caused fatal accidents in the past. Accidents similar to the accident occurred again.

In July alone, there were 30 fatalities in businesses with 50 or more employees, 18 more than the previous year. Of these, 50% were “relapses” from companies that had experienced fatal accidents in the last five years.

The Ministry of Employment and Labor decided that it is urgent to improve the safety management status of companies where fatal accidents occurred. Select a business site and embark on planning supervision to check the safety management status without prior notice.

Kim Gyu-sung, director of industrial accident prevention and supervision at the Ministry of Employment and Labor, said, “Starting with this confirmation supervision, we will continue to carry out supervision of highly effective items at appropriate times and strive to prevent the recurrence of fatal accidents and prevent them in advance.”

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