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LTM11000-9.1 (1,000t)

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LTM11000-9.1 is a 9-axle all terrain crane with -outrigger that give a maximum outrigger bae of 13 x 13 metres. The outriggers remain on the carrier during transport so the crane complies with then Dutch and European road regulations that have a maximum gross vehicle weight limit of 100 tonnes – a basic requirements in line with current and more stringent regulations.

The 54.4 metres telescopic boom which has to be transported separately using a dolly and tractor combination. However, assist crane is not needed to install the telescopic boom as the crane can do it by itself. If required, the boom can be stowed over the front of the carrier for travel on site.

The counterweight can be self erected by first placing the base plate on the ground and with all counterweights stacked before being lifted and fitted to the rear of the crane’s superstructure. This eliminates the risk of working at height which in most normal cases that riggers and to climb onto the rear of the superstructure to assembly the counterweights.


Mammoet has purchased two units LTM11000-9.1 in 2006/2007. One unit was operated from the Dutch headquarters while the second unit was stationed in Germany. Mammoet has opted for the 54.4. telescopic boom in combination with the Y-guying system, a 6 metres adapter and 126 metres luffing jib. This combination also allows, the installation of, among others, 72 metres fixed jib to reach a lifting height of 135 metres. The crane was prepared for 100 metres main boom.


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