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Link-Belt TCC-450 overturned in Kirkland

The 40-tonne Link-Belt TCC-450 overturned in Kirkland, near Seattle, Washington, trapping the operator in his cab.

The crane, a 40-tonne Link-Belt TCC-450 owned by foundation drilling contractor Kulchin, was working alongside a foundation excavation for a new office building when it lost stability and tipped into the excavation severely damaging the boom. The crane operator was trapped in his cab, with the emergency services taking around an hour to extract him. The crane appears to have its tracks in their extended position and full counterweight in place. We understand that it was lifting a long steel beam at the time and appears to have resulted in an overload situation.

The operator was airlifted to hospital with a number of injuries but was later said to be in a stable condition. As far as we know no one else was injured or hurt in the incident. Two large wreckers were called in to try and stabilise and then upend the stricken crane.

State health and safety services are investigating the incident.

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