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Mammoet completes factory-to-foundation project in Southern Alberta

A fertiliser company in Canada has called Mammoet to complete a factory-to-foundation project. The client manufactures agricultural fertiliser and industrial nitrogen and required the replacement of a R-101 vessel at its plant in Southern Alberta.

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Mammoet LR11350 lifting the R-101 Vessel.
Source: KHL
Transportation of the old vessel using self-propelled.
Source: KHL

The vessel was manufactured in Austria and Mammoet transported it from Austria to Canada through various transportation modes, including a barge, a ship and rail. At the plant, a Liebherr LR11350 crawler crane was deployed. At that time, it was the biggest crane available in Canada, with a boom length of 126 metres and a lifting capacity of 1,350 tonnes. This was because the old and new vessel had to be lifted up 72 metres through the roof.

Once the vessel arrived in Alberta, Mammoet removes the old R-101 vessel, weighing (410 tonnes) and install the new one within 2.5 hours.

Mammoet installing the new vessel through the roof.
Source: KHL

Mammoet was working around the clock for preparation and execution of the lift to minimise downtime for the client which indeed they are one day ahead of schedule when the lift is completed.


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