Mammoet transport 94m blade in Denmark

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Mammoet Aalborg Denmark Wind Turbine

Siemens Gamesa contracted Mammoet to transport three 94m long wind turbine blades from storage area at its manufacturing plant in Aalborg, Denmark to a nearby quayside.

These wind blades are destined for a new prototype wind turbine that Siemens Gamesa will be testing. Although the route is a mere 1km, Mammoet, with their extensive knowledge on the equipment’s application, developed a safe and efficient transport solution to guaranteed the necessary stability throughout the transport route. The blades were also delivered directly to a vessel, so they could be loaded directly, which avoided having to store them at the quay.

Instead of using SPMTs, a customized trailer that uses 2 x 6 Nicolas MDEL axle lines with a 4-axle tractor to pull the cargo. The total length of the trailer combination with the blade measured more than 100m. The trailer was built with conventional axle lines at Mammoet yard in Brande and transported in one piece to the storage area in Aalborg, having a time savings of 50% compared to other industry solutions.

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