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Manitowoc appoints G Machinery as new Grove distributor in Japan

manitowoc appoints g machinery as new grove distributor in japan
  • Manitowoc appoints G Machinery as new Grove distributor in Japan
  • The company has already sold and delivered a 150 t capacity GMK5150L-1J and a 250 t capacity GMK5250XL-1J.

As part of its ongoing drive to strengthen its presence in Asia, Manitowoc has announced the appointment of G Machinery as its new distributor for Grove all-terrain cranes in Japan. Based in Tokyo, the company will provide sales and service support to customers across the country.  

Shortly after coming on-board as a Grove distributor, G Machinery scored its first success, selling and delivering its first two cranes: one GMK5150L-1J and one GMK5250XL-1J (the crane models have the “J” denomination at the end to reflect that their design is tailored specifically for the requirements of the Japanese market). Both cranes were sold to a leading Japanese crane rental company. Shohei Konno, president of G Machinery, said the reputation and product quality of Grove cranes will make them an attractive option for customers in Japan. 

“We see a lot of potential for Grove cranes in Japan,” he said. “It’s one of the most famous mobile crane brands in the world and it is known locally for its high-quality products with proven reliability We are delighted to have delivered the first two all-terrain cranes to one of the country’s best-known crane rental companies. The fact our first two units were sold to a company of this stature shows the high regard the market has for the Grove brand and points to an exciting future.”

Powerful and reliable 

G Machinery will offer the full range of Grove all-terrain cranes but expects the six-axle and five-axle models (such as the GMK5150L-1J & GMK5250XL-1J) to be a particular success, with their combination of excellent load charts and easy manoeuvrability. 

The GMK5150L-1J is the most powerful crane in its category with a capacity of 11.8 t at the end of its 60 m main boom which can be lifted out to a radius of up to 18 m. With the GMK5250XL-1J, meanwhile, customers get a 78.5 m boom (the longest in the five-axle class) together with a 250 t capacity. Both cranes feature Grove’s unique MEGATRAK suspension as well as the TWIN-LOCK boom pinning system. Features such as these, and more, allow the cranes to deliver solid lifting performance alongside easy off-road mobility and fast highway speeds. 

Marco Zucchet, Manitowoc’s sales director for mobile and tower cranes in Asia, said Manitowoc’s rapid new product development of recent years means it is a good time for Grove to re-assert its presence in Japan. 

“Our history in Japan stretches back over many decades but with the appointment of G Machinery as our distributor we see the opportunity to begin a new chapter in the country,” he said. “Over the past five years we have also executed a series of rapid new product development that has given rise to some of the most advanced mobile cranes in the industry. With our presence in Japan now confirmed through G Machinery, we are in a perfect position to help mobile crane owners in the country gain a competitive advantage and boost their productivity and profitability for lifting operations.” 

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