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NCCCO crane operator testing for Saudi

The US-based National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) has signed an agreement with the First National Company (FNRCO) of Saudi Arabia, for the certification of crane operators, riggers, and signal persons in the Kingdom.

The five-year agreement was signed last week at the US – Saudi Arabian Business Council’s (USSABC) corporate offices in Vienna, Virginia.

Under the terms of the agreement, NCCCO mobile crane operator, rigger, and signal person exams will be made available at a number of locations throughout Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Middle East. NCCCO’s computer-based testing partner PSI will provide the facilities for written exam administrations, all of which will be in English.

NCCCO will also provide the expertise to train examiners for the practical testing of operators and set up practical test sites. NCCCO auditors will ensure that exams are conducted to the same standards as those used for testing operators in the USA and will issue official credentials to those candidates successfully passing both written and practical exams.

NCCCO chief executive Thom Sicklesteel, said: “NCCCO is excited about having FRNCO as a partner and the opportunity presented by this international agreement to bring a higher level of safety to the construction industry in Saudi Arabia. FNRCO is committed to providing a high level of training for crane professionals to prepare them for the NCCCO exams which will raise the skill levels and safety standards at worksites throughout the Kingdom.”

FRNCO eastern region executive manager Abdullah Bani Hameem, added: “FRNCO is confident that NCCCO’s proven certification exams and test integrity procedures will provide the anticipated safety benefits over the course of this long term agreement.”

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