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New Demag AC 45 City for Meier Kran

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All good things come in threes: After a Demag AC 40 City and an AC 60 City Crane, Bavarian crane service provider Meier from Rotthalmünster has now put a brand new Demag AC 45 City into operation as well: “We’ve had nothing but good experiences with our City cranes, so we’re not only big fans, but were also thrilled that a successor to the AC 40 City is now available in the form of the AC 45 City.

It not just comes with entirely new engineering, but also manages to be even better than its predecessor by a considerable degree, so deciding to get one was pretty straightforward,” explains Managing Director Rudolf Arnold during the handover in Zweibrücken.

Meier Kran uses its City cranes primarily indoors for industrial and overhead crane assembly projects. “For that kind of job, the runner, the short base section, and the Flex Base system in particular are absolutely invaluable.

The latter makes it possible to extend the outriggers to any point within their available range, meaning that we can use asymmetrical outrigger configurations that take advantage of every single inch of available space,” says Rudolf Arnold while pointing out his new crane’s crucial advantages.

The AC 45 City was handed over by Tadano Sales Manager Thomas Keckeis, who has a longstanding business relationship with Meier Kran that is characterized by trust – in fact, the AC 45 City is the eleventh crane that the company has acquired from Zweibrücken.

Moreover, the Bavarian crane service provider’s fleet also features numerous Tadano cranes from Lauf. “This is why we think that the merger between Demag and Tadano is an incredible opportunity to take advantage of synergistic effects that will benefit their customers

For example, Thomas is now able to offer us an even broader range of cranes for any application,” Rudolf Arnold points out before adding that the fact that Thomas Keckeis comes from the same region as Meier Kran is also a strong plus.

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