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New Tadano AC 5.250-1 All Terrain Crane for Nordic Crane

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“The 70-meter-long main boom and the compact design make the Tadano AC 5.250-1 an incredibly versatile crane,” says Nordic Crane Regional Manager Victor Callbo while explaining the reason why his company decided to purchase the crane. And the planned range of projects for AC 5.250-1 reflects his comment: The Scandinavian crane experts will be using their new Tadano not only to erect construction cranes but also to build steel structures and install prefabricated modules of all kinds.

“In fact, our new Tadano has already completed its first couple of jobs with aplomb: We used it to install steel elements of up to 30 tonnes for a bridge and to erect a construction crane with a maximum hook height of 66 meters, and it didn’t falter at any point in either case,” Victor Callbo reports.

nordic crane tadano ac5.250 1 1

Nordic Crane ordered the AC 5.250-1 with an offsettable swing-away jib as an additional accessory specifically for these types of projects, where the additional reach is invaluable. It is also worth mentioning that the company’s crane operators are extremely happy with the new Tadano – not just because of its powerful and precise performance, but also because of an extraordinarily high level of operating comfort that makes the AC 5.250-1 a pleasant work environment.

“Ultimately, what really won us over was the full Tadano package: The combination of outstanding machines and excellent after-sales service made it easy for us to decide on the AC 5.250-1,” Victor Callbo succinctly puts it.

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