Herkules strengthens crane  fleet with Liebherr LG 1750  lattice boom mobile crane

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  • New Liebherr-LG 1750 lattice boom mobile crane for Herkules S.A. 
  • LG 1750: combines the flexibility of a crawler crane with the mobility of a mobile crane
  • Mobility, capacity and Liebherr service are key selling points  

The Polish crane and heavy transport company Herkules S.A. has taken delivery of a new Liebherr LG 1750. The lattice boom mobile crane offers the flexibility of a 750-tonne crawler crane combined with the high mobility of a mobile crane. Herkules is extending the performance range of its crane capacities upwards with the LG 1750. The choice of this Liebherr lattice boom mobile crane was made based on the fulfilment of market requirements and the trust placed in Liebherr.  Another important point for Herkules is the high availability of Liebherr service in Poland. 

With the acquisition of an LG 1750, the Polish crane company Herkules S.A. has expanded its crane range upwards in the heavy-duty sector. Consideration of what was available on the crane market and the requirements of the company’s customers led to the decision in favour of the Liebherr lattice boom mobile crane. For Herkules, it is also particularly important that Liebherr is present in Poland with good service availability: “Our confidence in Liebherr products,  their high availability and reliable service led us to choose a Liebherr crane,” explains Pawel Maciejak,  Director of the Crawler Cranes and Wind Energy Division at Herkules. 

Symbiosis of two worlds 

The LG 1750 lattice boom mobile crane has the flexibility of a 750-tonne crawler crane combined with the mobility of a high-speed mobile crane. That means it combines the benefits of these two crane types in a single concept. This makes it the largest and strongest lattice boom mobile crane in the world and unrivalled in the market. “The high mobility and carrying capacity were decisive factors for the purchase of the new LG 1750,” states Maciejak. Having the chassis of an all-terrain crane, the bottom part of the  8-axle crane is self-driving to any application site. Compared to a crawler crane, this reduces transport vehicles, thereby saving time and costs. Its vehicle width of less than three metres is a great advantage. This chassis combined with a strong lattice boom of a crawler crane makes the crane particularly powerful. The components can also be transported economically thanks to the transport weight of fewer than 45 tonnes.  

That makes the compact lattice boom mobile crane ideal for fast erection work for wind power, industrial construction or infrastructure work. There is a large selection of boom configurations for the LG 1750 which have been specially enhanced for deployment in the wind industry. The latest generation of wind turbines with hub heights of up to 170 metres can be erected using the SX system.

At Herkules, too, the main area of application for the new 8-axle is in the wind segment.

About Herkules S.A.

The Polish crane and heavy transport company Herkules S.A. offers the rental of lifting and transport services. Herkules’ wide-ranging fleet has around 300 towers and mobile and lattice boom cranes in various load classes.

With almost 200 employees, the company, therefore, operates from its headquarters and several branches, mainly in Poland. The core areas are general construction, energy and telecommunications. In addition to renting mobile and crawler cranes as well as tower cranes, Herkules carries out construction, assembly and electrical work undertakes road transport for oversized goods and is involved in the installation and assembly of wind turbines.  

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