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Nylacast acquires Viva Nylons

Nylacast Acquires Viva Nylons

One of UK’s leading polymer solutions design and engineering companies, Nylacast, has today announced it has completed the acquisition of nylon products manufacturer Viva Nylons.

The Leicester, UK-headquartered company mentioned that the move was part of its growth strategy and will aid in its plans to offer a wider range of low-weight, low-friction polymer components to customers in various industry, including construction, transport, pharmaceuticals, defence, marine and energy.

The acquisition fee was undisclosed by Nylacast, which now includes Viva Nylons as a wholly-owned subsidiary. The brand name will be retained for the foreseeable future.

“It’s incredibly exciting for the Viva Nylons team to now be part of the much bigger Nylacast family. For the employees of both companies it’s a fantastic opportunity to share experiences and develop further together.”

Steve Aldred of Viva Nylons

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