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Roughter collapsed in Taoyuan City MRT Project

20220214 roughter overturn in taoyuan mrt project

A rough terrain crane has collapsed forward while working on an MRT construction project in Taoyuan City on 9th Feb, but fortunately, nobody was injured in the accident.

According to the media report, the rough terrain crane was lifting steel moulds during the dismantling of formwork on the construction site of station G13 on the Taoyuan MRT Green Line on Zhongzheng Road in Luzhu District when it tipped over at 1:25 pm.

20220214 roughter overturn in taoyuan mrt project

The crane’s boom hit the truck carrying the steel moulds, damaged traffic signal poles, and left the road blocked until the accident site was cleared at around 8:30 pm.

The Northern Occupational Safety and Health Center (OSHA) of the Ministry of Labor conducted an on-site investigation immediately following the accident. It was confirmed that the crane operator was qualified and properly licensed to operate the equipment.

Check out the local news report below (in Mandarin)

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