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Sarens Lift Dome for Shopping Mall in Kerala, India

211202 sarens india kerala shopping mall

Sarens was asked by their client NV Brothers Engineering Pvt. Ltd for Shapoorji Polanji and Prestige to assist in the construction of the Prestige Forum Mall in Kerala, India.

On the site, the dome of the mall had to be lifted and installed. Space constraint was a major challenge. Sarens suggested deploying the CC2600H (K4580) in configuration HSWSL 60+60m.

The crane was mobilised from Sarens yard in Chennai through transport trailers. The space constraint posed a challenge for unloading crane parts and assembly of the crane. Their team planned every activity strategically and coordinated with the client to safely commission the crane within the targeted time frame.

The site was close to the Indian Naval base and as the height of the crane was 120m (HSWSL 60+60m) the team had to coordinate continuously with the Indian Navy team whenever the fighter jets and planes flew over the crane. Additional aviation lights were installed on the crane to provide visibility for the military aircraft.

The client was extremely satisfied with the performance of the crane and its smooth project execution. According to the Regional Director, South Asia, Navneet Jain, “The project was very prestigious for Sarens in the Indian market and despite challenges, Sarens proved to be the most trusted heavy lifting partner.”

Check out the video below (although there isn’t the video of the dome lifting)

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