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Superior Cranes buy Demag CC6800-1

Superior Crane's Demag CC6800-1.

North Carolina, USA-based crane and rigging services supplier Superior Cranes has bought a 1,250 tonne (1,375 ton) capacity Demag CC 6800-1 crawler crane. It is now the largest crane in the company’s fleet, superseding a 650 tonne (715 ton) capacity Demag CC 3800-1.

“The acquisition of the CC 6800-1 was a significant capacity increase for our line,” commented Joe Everett, president and owner of Superior Cranes. “The crane’s design combined with the service and support provided by Demag for our other crawler and all-terrain cranes made purchasing the CC 6800-1 an easy decision.”

According to Demag, part of the Tadano Group, there are few crawler cranes in this class size operating in North America so its acquisition gives the company an advantage with lifting opportunities requiring specialised high-lift capacities. It reported that Everett thinks there many opportunities throughout the USA for a crawler crane of this size to complete heavy lifts in the petrochemical, refining, powerplant, infrastructure and wind industries.

The crane has a maximum main boom length of 492 ft (150 m) and a maximum tip height of 669 ft (204 m). This, Demag said, makes it suitable for the installation and servicing of 150 m wind turbines.

According to Demag, the CC 6800-1 is designed for industrial operations around the world. It can lift 991 tonnes (1,092 tons) at a radius of 16 m and transports in widths of 3 to 3.5 metres. Designed to improve operating stability, the crane has an on-demand Quadro-Drive system that allows the base to move and spin under load. The crane also has Demag’s IC-1 crane control system.

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