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Tadano ATF-220-5.1 for Civil Engineering Company

tadano atf 220 5.1 gebrüder wöhrl grundbau gmbh

Crane operations are not just about how high you can go; civil engineering projects need mobile cranes to be flexible and powerful, too, which is precisely what prompted Gebrüder Wöhrl Grundbau GmbH to purchase a Tadano ATF-220-5.1. 

Schrobenhausen-based Gebrüder Wöhrl Grundbau GmbH is a Bavaria-wide specialist in civil engineering and concrete construction with about 220 employees. The family-owned company founded in 1972 offers everything from a single source for foundation engineering projects and consistently strives to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

The ability to provide excellent services in the construction industry calls for not only a highly qualified team but also a modern and comprehensive fleet of machines. “Our philosophy is to offer as broad a spectrum as possible so that we can carry out virtually all civil engineering projects ourselves.

This is why we have now added another dimension to our crane fleet in the form of the Tadano ATF-220-5.1,” explains David Wöhrl of the Gebrüder Wöhrl Grundbau GmbH. Prior to making this latest purchase, the company had four cranes ranging from 50 to 140 tonnes.

All-round satisfaction

Gebrüder Wöhrl Grundbau has enjoyed a strong relationship with Tadano for decades. “We feel we are in good hands with Tadano. We know we can count on sound advice and as an open way of working together.

And as if that weren’t enough, our drivers are also enthusiastic about the machines and the service. The team has been particularly looking forward to this crane,” shares David Wöhrl. This is hardly surprising since the latest generation 220-tonne crane offers a number of convenient features for crane drivers.

Offering a hill-start assistant and free-swing function in addition to Drive and Power driving programmes, the ATF‑220‑5.1 is more economical, quieter and more comfortable on the road than its predecessor. 

It also makes no compromises in terms of power; for example, with a counterweight of 23.5 tonnes (movable on an additional transporter), the five-axle crane is the strongest in its class. With this counterweight, the ATF-220-5.1 still lifts up to 13.8 tonnes at maximum boom extension.

“Even with a large outreach, the crane still offers excellent power, and the lifting capacities are more than sufficient for the type of work we do. All things considered, this class of crane makes us even faster and more independent when it comes to meeting our customers’ needs,” explains David Wöhrl. 

Serious business on civil engineering projects

This large lifting capacity is particularly advantageous on civil engineering construction sites, which are usually rather expansive. In such cases, for example, materials and construction machines have to be lifted into and out of pits over long distances with pinpoint accuracy.

But the ATF-220-5.1 will also be used at Gebrüder Wöhrl Grundbau for positioning large manholes and backfilling excavation pits. David Wöhrl is already looking forward to getting the first projects underway: “A flexible and modern crane for our flexible and modern construction company. It’s a perfect match.”

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