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Three detained in crane accident in Malatya

crane operator arrested for accident in malatya

The crane operator was arrested among the 3 people detained in connection with the crane accident in Malatya.

In the incident that took place at around 3.15 pm in early September in the Bostanbaşı District of Yeşilyurt district, a crane fell over the workers in a construction under construction on Saraybosnian Street. While 4 workers were seriously injured in the incident, Mesut Gündoğan (34), Fatih Kızılkaya (25), Mehmet Yel (22), who were taken to the hospital, lost their lives.

The bodies of the workers who lost their lives in the incident were sent to their hometowns after autopsy procedures. It was learned that Musa Aydın (25), whose treatment continues at the hospital, is in danger of life.

In connection with the incident, crane operator Muhammet B. and masters Ömer G. and Yakup G. were taken into custody. Crane operator Muhammet B., who was transferred to the courthouse after his procedures at the police station, was arrested, while masters Ömer G. and Yakup G. were released by the prosecutor’s office.

Cranepedia Comment

Although the report did not mention it, it seems like a tower crane with a fixed foundation. There was no report of how the accident happened, but it could be either overloading, wrong operation or material fatigue.

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