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Two fatal crane accidents within two days in India

crane accident

There have been reports of two different accidents involving the crane and both have reported fatalities.

Tower crane’s rope failure

A man has died, and four others were injured after a rope, believed to be the hoist rope, failed to leave the load to drop from a tower crane in Noida, New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh on Sep 9, 2022.

The five men were working under the crane on a site managed by Krishna Buildsites when the load dropped, and half buried them in the debris.

All five were rushed to the hospital where Santosh Kumar Yadav, 22, was declared dead from the injuries he sustained. The four others, aged from 20 to 35 are still undergoing treatment.

Dropped Load

A youth was crushed to death and another youth was injured after a crane carrying the Ganesha idol statue tilted during the procession. The deceased youth has been identified as Ashok, 18. The incident took place on Sep 11, 2022.

The crane lifting the Ganesh idol statue tilted towards one side of a bridge, as a result, the people were stuck in between the crane and the sidewalls. While the young man died on the spot, a few others have also been reported injured.

The fire service department and the police arrived at the scene to rescue the people.

Ganesh Visarjan is the end day of the grand festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. It is the eleventh day when the devotees immerse the Lord Ganesha idol in water after worshipping him for ten days. It was celebrated on Sep 9 this year.

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