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Top Crane Accidents & Recoveries In September/October 2021

20211024 tokyo train derailed recovery 3

1. Crane rolled off cliff, killing two in Taiwan

It was reported on 23rd September, a 130-tonne truck crane had a brake failure and rolled off the road into the cliff. While the crane was in its motion, it hit a passenger vehicle nearby, killing a mother and daughter in the car.

crane accident taiwan crane roll off cliff 2

The incident happened at 117.35 km of Taiwan Route 8 of Zhongheng Highway. The crane was involved in the roadside maintenance when the crane suddenly moved backwards, colliding into the deceased passenger car and another three cars behind it.

Read full news here.

2. Crawler crane collapse at AdventHealth Orlando

On the 12th of October, a crawler crane fell onto a 10-story AdventHealth parking garage under construction, injuring one person.

The cause of the collapse is under investigation and engineers were evaluating whether the garage, which is under construction and scheduled to open in 2022, is structurally sound.

Check out the footage of the crane collapse below

Read full news here.

3. Crane save man from Ferris Wheel in Fujian, China

The amusement ride was under construction in Fuzhou city next to Jia’an Lake, East China’s Fujian Province and the collapse occurred at around 2.40 pm.

The shocking moment was captured from several angles (See video below) and although there were no casualties, one person was trapped on the hub of the Ferris wheel.

211028 ferris wheel collapse fujian 1
Source: Chinanews

The worker was eventually saved by the staff using a crawler crane(should be the crane working at the site), but the cause of the accident is still under investigation.

Read full news here.

4. Crane recovers derailed train in Tokyo

The earthquake that occurred about 10.41 pm on 7th October, it has caused one of the Metro’s trains on Nippori-Toneri Liner to be derailed.

20211024 tokyo train derailed recovery 3

As the situation has been uncertain, the entire line has been suspended. Emergency inspection and recovery planning were carried out promptly, which cranes have been deployed to tandem lift the derailed train. The works were completed on the 9th of October.

Read full news here.

5. Boom Truck Crane Accident In East Hanover

The boom truck crane flipped up in the air during a tree removal on South Ridgedale and Tiffany Drive around 2 p.m., according to initial reports.

211028 hannover crane accident 1

Access was restricted to Tiffany Road following the accident, which caused no injuries, East Hanover Police said.

Read full news here.

6. Hook Block Fell On Container Worker In Navotas, Philippines

At around 1:45 am on the 17th of October, Marjun Rafael (34), has died when one of the hook blocks of the hoisting crane came off and hit his head directly.

The incident happened at a container cargo yard in Navotas, Philippines.

Read full news here.

7. Truck Crane Killed Motorist In Traffic Accident In China

On the morning of 23rd September, a fatal traffic accident occurred at the road intersection in Liuzhou Coty, Guangxi, China.

crane accident truck crane guangxi

A truck crane that was turning right hit an electric bike that was waiting at the traffic light, dragging the female motorist and the bike 2-3 metres before the crane stopped.

The accident happened at 8.30 am in the morning, the female motorist was riding an electric bike and waiting at the junction for the traffic light to turn green. She was hit by the crane and fell to the ground.

Read full news here.

8. Crane toppled onto a house in Worcester

A boom truck crane that was carrying out tree work toppled in the yard of a house off west Boylston Street last Thursday afternoon (28th Oct).

A worker was rescued from the vehicle and treated for minor injuries and there were damages to the house at Cumberland and Castine streets, according to the Fire Department.

211104 crane toppled worcestor 1

Read full news here.

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