Two Liebherr Cranes Fall off Jumbo Vision during Loading Operation

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Liebherr Crane Jumbo Vision Accident

An Incident occurred involving the Jumbo Vision while loading cargo at the Liebherr quay in Rostock on Saturday 1 February.

It is reported by eyewitnesses that during the loading of Liebherr cranes on to the Jumbo Vision in Rostock the boom of one of the vessel’s cranes contacted one of the Liebherr LHM550 harbour cranes already on deck.  Reports say that this caused the first crane to fall in the water which subsequently caused the vessel to list resulting in the second crane falling into the water.

Two persons were slightly injured, receiving treatment on site.

Liebherr has confirmed that the incident occurred at 21.00 on Saturday evening and that an investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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