Seaway 7 Reports Damage to Alfa Lift A-frame in Shipyard

211024 subway 7 alfa lift 1

It was reported on the afternoon of the 18th of October that an incident involving the folding A-frame on the main crane of Alfa Lift which is currently under construction in China. No personnel have been injured and the unplanned movement of the folding A-frame is being investigated. The incident is a matter between the … Read more

Tadano GTC-1800EX builds central warehouse in Rostock

tadano gtc 1800ex saller rostock

It certainly is no secret among industry experts that the Tadano GTC-1800EX is the perfect assist crane for erecting wind turbines and setting up lattice boom crawler cranes such as the CC 3800-1. But the GTC-1800EX has much more to offer than just wind power, as it recently demonstrated during a big job for Saller in … Read more

Sarens assists Liebherr on demised HLC 295000 crane recovery

20210415 sarens liebherr rostock hlc295000 recovery

The Liebherr heavy lift crane series (HLC) was specially designed for the installation of offshore wind turbines as well as the dismantling of offshore installations in the oil and gas industry. Unfortunately, the HLC 295000 was severely damaged following an accident in the Port of Rostock. Liebherr has contracted Sarens to carry out the salvaging … Read more

Liebherr ruled out design or production error on HLC 295000

20210507 liebherr hlc295000 rostock crane accident

The offshore crane HLC 295000 has suffered a major setback when a serious accident occurred during a overload test, resulting in two injured persons having to be taken to hospital for treatment. A further ten persons were treated by paramedics on site. “At this point we wish the injured persons all the best and hope … Read more

Gigantic Liebherr HLC 295000 collapsed during load testing

Offshore heavy lift wind installation vessel Orion’s new 5,000 tonne Liebherr crane collapsed during load testing on Saturday 2 May. Two people were hospitalised and 10 were treated on site for minor injuries in the incident. It happened at the port of Rostock on Germany’s Baltic coast where the vessel is moored. Video footage of … Read more

Final touch on Liebherr’s largest crane – HLC 295000

Tcc 78000 To Install A Frame As Well 1

Liebherr, one of the world’s largest crane manufacturer is putting the final touches to is 5,000 tonne HLC 295000 heavy lift marine crane , its largest crane to date. Commissioned in 2017 by Belgian contractor Deme group, the HLC 295000 can handle its maximum capacity at a radius of up to 35 metres on the … Read more

Liebherr Salvage Sunken Mobile Harbour Cranes In Harbour Basin

Hebo Lift 9 Recover Liebherr Mobile Harbour Crane 200307

Liebherr has begun the salvage operations to recover the two units of mobile harbour cranes that fell in the harbour basin. The mobile harbour cranes have fallen into the harbour basin from Jumbo Vision in 1st Feb 2020 during the loading operation. International diving contractor, Baltic Taucherei-und Bergungsbetrieb Rostock GmbH, has been engaged to assist … Read more