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Kobelco 7070G-2

The 7070G-2 is a crawler crane with a maximum lifting capacity of 70 tons at 4.0 meters and a luffing tower capacity of 13 tons at 13.9 meters. It has an extensive boom reach ranging from 9.1 to 54.9 meters, and with the jib, the total length can extend up to 45.7 + 12.2 meters. For the luffing tower setup, the boom plus jib length can reach 42.7 + 30.5 meters. It features a Hino J08E-YD engine rated at 213 kW, and rope speeds for lifting operations that can vary depending on the load. The crane’s substantial working mass and ground pressure ensure stability during operations.

Kobelco 7070G-2 Crawler Crane Load Chart


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*Crane Specifications, Load Charts, and Crane Manuals are for reference only. Contact the crane manufacturer for manuals to operate the crane properly.

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Product Description

Crawler Crane

  • Max lifting capacity: 70t at 4.0m
  • Boom length: 9.1 to 54.9m
  • Jib length: 6.1 to 18.3m
  • Max boom + jib length: 45.7m + 12.2m or 42.7m + 18.3m
  • Rope speed (Hoisting/Lowering): *120 to 3m/min
  • Working mass: 76t
  • Ground pressure: 91 kPa {0.93 kgf/cm2}
  • Climbing ability: 40% (21.8 degrees)

Luffing Tower

  • Max lifting capacity: 13t at 13.9m
  • Tower length: 21.3 to 42.7m
  • Jib length: 18.3 to 30.5m
  • Max tower + jib length: 42.7m + 30.5m
  • Rope speed for luffing (Hoisting/Lowering): *90 to 3m/min
  • Working mass: 81t
  • Ground pressure: 97 kPa {0.99 kgf/cm2}



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